Freedom® Primary Knee

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  • 7 radii of curvature manages patellofemoral contact and controls femoral rollback and flexion eliminating mid-flexion dead spot. Designed to permit full flexion up to 155 degrees
  • Thin anterior flange, minimal posterior condylar resection and low profile box aid in bone conservation
  • Multiple size options that feature dynamically proportioned M/L and A/P femoral components in CR and PS options
  • Deep anterior patellar cut-out allows for tendon clearance during deep flexion
  • Insert options include posterior stabilized (PS), cruciate retaining (CR), ultracongruent (UC) and all-poly
  • 5 points of peripheral locking ensure security and reduce potential micro-motion
  • Universal baseplate accommodates left and right sides as well as CR, PS and UC

Multi-Radious Design:
Form follows Function

The articular surface of the Freedom femoral components were designed to mimic anatomical knee function.

As flexion increases, the radius of the curvature in the sagittal plane must change to accommodate more or less rollback over the available surface.

Example of Femoral Rollback

8.5-year1 published results conclude optimum TKA performance without:

  • Patient loss to follow-up
  • Related complications or component failure
  • Deterioration of the prosthetic composite

1Durbhakula S, Durbhakula V, Durbhakula N, Restoration of Femoral condylar Anatomy for Achieving Optimum Functional Expectations Continuation of an Earlier Study at 5-Year Minimum Follow-Up. JSIRF, 2019, Vol 9

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  • Quick Tray™, single tray instrument system, customized to your surgical instrument preferences.
  • Patient-matched, just-in-time inventory eliminates on-site storage
  • Everything you need for one case in one tote
  • Over 60% projected processing cost savings1

1Mhlaba, et al: Surgical Instrumentation: The True Cost of Instrument Trays and a Potential Strategy for Optimization. J Am Coll Surg, 219(4):646-655, 2014

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