Libertas® Hip Solutions

Comprehensive range of implants for restoring Hip Biomechanics
Facilitates congruent transfer of loads
Designed for Mechanical and Biological stability

Porous Titanium coated modular shells designed for use with HLXPE modular liners. Compatible with CoCr and Biolox® modular femoral heads.

Narrow tapered wedge geometry stem with distal reduction. The proximal geomet coating enhances fixation in metaphysis.Three offset options to maximize soft tissue tension and hip balance.

Double tapered press fit femoral stem designed to provide rotational and axial stability. Three offset options to facilitate restoration of hip biomechanics.

Double tapered, modular stem with a highly polished surface designed for cemented implantation. Standard and Narrow stem options to facilitate better anatomic fit and restoration of hip biomechanics.





  • reliable
  • versatile
  • efficient

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