Freedom® Revision Knee

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  • Tapered cemented femoral stem extensions or both the femur and tibia are offered in a variety of diameters to meet specific patient morphometry
  • Patented femoral box of the Freedom Progressive Constraint Kinematics (PCK) provides a varying constraint profile from high constraint in extension to less constraint in flexion
  • Built on clinical success of the Freedom Knee geometry to promote optimum size and shape for replicating femoral anatomy
  • Constrained insert with pre-assembled insert securing pin to provide additional locking and stability while reducing locking tab stresses
  • Bone conserving, low profile tibial baseplate to manage poor bone stock or severe deformities
  • Reversible and stackable augments allow for better match to the replaced bone deficiencies.
  • 360 rotating femoral and tibial offset junction allows for optimal canal filling and fixation
  • Canal filling stems with spline and flute design provide immediate rigid fixation and resistance to torsional movements. A flexible coronal slot provides a dynamic structure to address long-term endosteal bone changes

Think outside the box.

The Freedom Revision Knee was designed with
a patented trapezoidal box that:

  • Dampens post constraint through ROM
  • Minimizes tibial post wear
  • Reproduces natural proprioception
The PCK Revision Femoral Component

Designed to maximize composite options and minimize inventory with unique component choices such as stackable augments

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